Home Automation: Christmas Edition

One of the somewhat recent tech buzzwords you may have heard everywhere is Internet of Things (IoT), referring to ‘smart’ appliances like internet connected refrigerators, baby cams, vaccuum cleaners, and egg freshness trackers (not even kidding, google “Egg Minder” for one of the most useless devices I’ve ever seen). Some of them are useful, most …

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Insect Wing Corset

This is a project for a (fashion, not underwear) corset inspired by the weird pointy shapes you see on insect wings. I wanted to do different shapes in different fabrics, essentially throwing everything I know about corset pattern drafting out of the window. This gallery is a diary of the progress I made.

I made a… thimble?

I was working on a sewing project yesterday (more on that in a later post) and halfway through I seem to have lost my thimble. Yeah, I have a real talent for losing things in my own house over lunch. After searching for a good half hour I gave up and decided to make a …

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Arduino Starter Kit Review

So I recently bought an Arduino starter kit. Here’s what I did and thought of it. An Arduino is a microcontroller on a little circuit board that you can easily upload code to to read information from and provide power to various electrical components. The official starter kit comes with the Arduino itself, a bunch …

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