Chopping at my dressform

For a while now I’ve had a polystyrene dressfrom that was *roughly* my size. Let’s call her Suzy. She was good enough to prop up a piece of clothing I was working on but not quite good enough to check the fit or anything. I could (and probably at some point will) buy an adjustable dressform that I can set to my exact measurements, but today is not that day. Instead I performed some surgery on Suzy.

I started out by taking measurements and comparing them with my own. The hips were fine, the waist was only a 1 cm difference, but the bust definitely needed some trimming down. I took some side by side pictures to check where exactly Suzy needed some uhh… reduction.

Suzy’s back was a bit rounder than mine, her arms were positively enormous for her stature, and somehow her polystyrene ribcage bulges out towards her boobs. She also has a much more hourglass shape than I do so I’m going to try to square her up a little.

So I took a breadknife and ‘sculpted’ Suzy into her new dimensions. It started out as a careful and measured ‘bit here and there’ but soon I realized that that was not going to get me the reduction I needed and I picked up the pace. It was very effective at turning myself into a wintery landscape. (I already vacuumed twice and I still expect to find white flakes everywhere for the next couple of weeks)

I took quite a bit off both the back and the front until I reached the right measurements. Here are some before and after pictures of Suzy wearing a blouse I made recently.