The Purple Corset

Purple corset with black lace details

When I bought this gorgeous collar a few months ago, I quickly realized I had nothing to wear it with. I’ve documented my attempt to rectify that issue here. I was not happy with this crease on the waist. So I unpicked it and made the waist ever so slightly less angular on this seam. …

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Automated pattern drafting

When I learned pattern drafting (drawing ‘templates’ for cutting/sewing garments) I quickly realized that it was just an algorithm for drawing a shape. You take the measurements of the person it’s supposed to fit. Then using those and some rules of thumb that are based on common sense and (I suppose) centuries of experience with …

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Shiny Shirt

Shiny Shirt

Ever since I found out about wearable Arduinos like the Lilypad and Flora, I knew I had to make _something_. I went around the internet and saw tutorials for all kinds of blinky LED things like tiaras, cyborg style face jewelery, and light-up skirts. So after some brainstorming the idea is to make a motion-sensitive …

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Insect Wing Corset

This is a project for a (fashion, not underwear) corset inspired by the weird pointy shapes you see on insect wings. I wanted to do different shapes in different fabrics, essentially throwing everything I know about corset pattern drafting out of the window. This gallery is a diary of the progress I made.

I made a… thimble?

I was working on a sewing project yesterday (more on that in a later post) and halfway through I seem to have lost my thimble. Yeah, I have a real talent for losing things in my own house over lunch. After searching for a good half hour I gave up and decided to make a …

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